Applications should provide the following information:

  • Background and context to the enterprise / entrepreneurship education work including its overall aims and objectives
  • How enterprise / entrepreneurship education activities are / were delivered, including an explanation of why this was considered to be good practice
  • What is considered to be the innovative and/or novel aspects of the enterprise / entrepreneurship education work
  • How the work has been evaluated and the evidence that exists of its impact and the difference it has made
  • In the case of ‘Team Enterprise’ applications, what plans exist to develop the enterprise / entrepreneurship education work and how the prize money would be used to support this activity
  • In the case of ‘Enterprise Catalyst’ nominations, how the individual has influenced transformational change in their organisation’s development and delivery of enterprise / entrepreneurship education and support

Applications will be judged using the following criteria.

Team Enterprise applications:

  • Delivery of good practice 25%
  • Innovation 25%
  • Impact and making a difference 25%
  • Development and future plans 25%

Enterprise Catalyst applications:

  • Delivery of good practice 25%
  • Innovation 25%
  • Impact and making a difference 25%
  • Influence of transformational change 25%

In seeking to recognise and reward good practice, the judges particularly value impact that is evidenced through feedback, evaluation, peer review etc. NEEA impact will be judged within the local context, so large student numbers will not influence the judging process.

Each submission will be read by a panel of independent judges, formed by the NEEA committee. Judges will be required to declare any conflict of interest. Where such a conflict exists the judge concerned will not judge that entry.

Judging Panel

The following EEUK Honorary Fellows form the 2019 judging panel

Chris Hall, Hive Business Manager, Nottingham Trent University
Dave Jarman, Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Bristol
Professor Gups Jagpal,  Director, Aldridge Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Dr Tom Williamson, Head of School – Economics, Finance & Accounting, Coventry University

The Chair of the judging panel is Jon Powell, EEUK Chair and Head of Enterprise and Innovation Services, Lancaster University